Aliens: Eradication – Beta Download

Aliens: Eradication is a Doom 2 total conversion mod. You must face Weyland-Yutani androids, predators, and xenomorphs a celestial battle for survival.

Here´s gameplay video by Alpha Beta Gamer


Acess to download (win.)

Important Note – If you’re accustomed to the world of Doom mods then they can be a little tricky (and Aliens: Eradication is a little more fiddly because it uses assets you need to load from Kontra Kommando’s Aliens: Trilogy/Ultimate Doom mod). Here’s a little beginners guide for getting Aliens: Eradication to work.

1. Download and Extract GZDoom from the official website
2. Copy DOOM2.WAD into that folder (you’ll need to get this file from an official version of Doom 2 – available on Steam, GoG or other places on the internet).
3. Download the mod and extract the files into the GZDoom folder
4. Rename the “KontraKommando’s Alien Trilogy Payload Edition.pk3” as simply “KontraKommando.pk3” (to remove any spaces from the file name)
5. Run GZDoom.exe then exit the game (to generate a gzdoom.ini file)
6. Open up the gzdoom.ini file with notepad and directly below where it says “[Global.Autoload]” paste these two lines: Path=$PROGDIR/ALIENSERADICATION_demo2.wad
7. Run GZDoom.exe (you may have to go into the options and reconfigure the key bindings and be sure to turn on “Always Mouselook” in the Mouse Options menu.


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