Diplomacy is Not an Option – Beta Game

Diplomacy is Not an Option is a medieval isometric rts game. The country is going through difficult times. The king’s greed and wastefulness led to economic crisis and widespread peasant riots. He is a feudal lord. It happened in such a way that, being fed up with the routine and everyday problems, he lost his taste for life. When an angry mob besiege his castle, he perceives this news with extraordinary enthusiasm, personally leads the defense and wins a glorious victory. His role in the suppression of riots is noted in court. The crown sends you on a responsible mission. There are rumors that there are deposits of gold and other precious materials on an underexplored continent. The task is to take control over foreign lands, obtain their treasures in order to replenish the king’s safe. Although they forgot to warn you that the natives will not be happy to see you. Additionally, there are monsters on the continent, and local mages are actively practicing necromancy.



Acess to beta game – Diplomacy is Not an Option

Available on – win. (steam)

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