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Dragon Ball Z Team Training (GBA) – Hack Download

by Strider
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Dragon Ball Z Team Training is a fan made by Z-Max game. If you wanted to have a pet Goku to fight your enemies with in Pokémon, this is all of that and more. There are currently 180 Dragon Ball “fighters” (Pokémon) in the game, and the locations reflect places in the DB world.


Here´s gameplay video by Semaliw classic


Acess to download


  1. Obtain a U.S. Rom file of Dragon Ball Z Team Training, Emulator GBA and Lunar IPS program.
  2. Download patch listed (Dragon Ball Z Team Training)
  3. You need to run the Lunar IPS program to add the hack to the Pokémon Fire Red (Japan, USA) ROM, then run it in the Emulator.

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