Evil’s Doom (Amiga) – Homebrew Download

Evil’s Doom

Evil’s Doom is one of the last “big” games for Amiga. This classic dungeon crawler was made by Croatian developers Olympia Entertainment Group. The game have never been commercially released because lots of bugs, but has been repaired French Amiga programmer -meynaf- and release as freeware.

Please continue with the following description in dungeoncrawler

So now, The Company.PL for our dungeon crawling fix, as this dungeon crawler known as ‘ Evil’s Doom ‘ with its Hi-Res GFX (640X512) with 256 colors, hand drawn artwork, character designs and conversations, and inclusive brilliant intro with a fabulous tune. Has been packaged together in a PC launchable file that includes an improved TC Engine v2.6, improved game speed, as well as with the very latest available patched up Amiga game files that also works on Windows 10.

Here´s gameplay video by JemyM

Acess to download (Amiga)

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