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Fightcade – Application

by Strider
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Formerly known as GGPO-NG this project is a new online arcade gaming platform based heavily on GGPO. The goal is to improve current features and add new community requests to improve the overall experience. The new testing capabilities are primarily created for Super Street Fighter II Turbo and can later be added to other games.

✓ stable servers (lag free)
✓ P2P connection
✓ Multiplatform: Linux, MacOSX and Windows
✓ Pure nostalgia
✓ For the players the advantage is that the FightCade You do not need to open the doors of your router as the FightCade uses a modern NAT traversal technique that allows you to connect two players without having to forward the ports.

Attention! To use this program, you need to register.

Check out a tutorial video


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