GoldenEye Doom2 TC – Mod Download

James Bond returns for another game, but this time well in a mix of a very classic game, Doom, with simple graphics and most items in fairly apparent formats with 2 dimensions, shooting at enemies that scenarios that try to simulate the 007 – GoldenEye from Nintendo 64. The graphics and gameplay of GoldenEye Doom 2 TC are simple and almost without details, so it can run on virtually any computer, and can please classic Doom fans for maintaining style.

Check out a gameplay video


Attention to download!

Although the most current version is EDGE (Goldeneye Doom 2 Edge Standalone – Beta 4), we do not recommend installing this one. In our tests, it seems that the crap installer has put some adware in the browser.

We recommend version – DEH Engine Version 08/31/09, because it works fine in ZDoom, etc. The version on the download link (from MEGA) already comes with this version ready to play, just double clicking on the file GoldenEye Doom2 TC (Singleplayer) .bat present in the package to download.

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