GoldenEye With Mario Characters (N64) – Mod Download


GoldenEye With Mario Characters is a replaces all of the characters with ones from the Mario universe along with edited dialog to make more sense with the characters. For example there is no mention of Trevelyan/Luigi’s parents being Lienz Cossacks and instead of calling James Bond/Mario the “Golden Boy” he says the “Golden Bro.” Other changes include the dialog where Mario meets Natayla/Peach as Mario doesn’t straight up say he’s a spy to her.




1 – Use the GoldenEye Setup Editor or XDelta UI and apply the proper XDelta file to a clean GoldenEye 007 (NTSC-U) ROM
2  – Download XDelta UI –
3 – Download the GESetup Editor –


Acess to mod download on n64vault

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