Green Hill Paradise: Act 2 – Demo Download

Green Hill Paradise: Act 2  is very muh a tech demo at this point in time, it already brings to the table a stunning environment which is fully explorable by our favourite blue hedgehog. What makes it stand out in comparison to the likes of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes is that it doesn’t feel so linear, and the multiple routes and areas to explore from the 2D classics is back in style.


Daniel Coyle (SuperSonic68)
Chris Deliz (TheActualKK)
Tim Taylor
The Great Lange
Javier Osset (Xaklse)
Tee Lopes
Cleffer Notes
Seumidh MacDonald (ShayMay)
Sonic Retro
Sonic Fangames HQ
My family (especially you, Sean)
Kris Wilson
The folks at /sthg/



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