Internet Cafe Simulator – Steam Key for Free

Internet Cafe Simulator is an internet cafe business simulation game. Build the best internet cafe in the world! You can configure and manage a comprehensive workplace within the game. There are many activities and people you can interact with in the city. You must pay the rent on your apartment and shop. You must satisfy your customers. You should install more elegant and powerful gaming computers. You can also do illegal work if you want. But be careful, the price can be very high. You can develop your internet cafe with many applications on the game computer. You can even hire people to illegally get a high score. You can expand your internet cafe by renting out new areas. In the game you can buy crypto money. You can grow your internet cafe with the right investments. You can increase the likelihood that people will access your internet cafe by purchasing popular games. All management and planning will be in your hands. Be careful and don’t go broke!



You’ll find all instructions on the following page. Please read carefully!

Note – Please note that this promotion is limited time or limit of offer keys. This giveaway requires a Fanatical and steam account.


Acess to steam key for free – Internet Cafe Simulator

Available on – win.

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