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Gameplay and download on the Mortal Kombat Defender Earth ver.3.3 (by Daniloabella) blog, made based on the engine M.U.G.E.N. The game is EXCLUSIVE for PC.

This new version (version 3.3) was released on April 27, 2018, based on the official MK, MK II and Ultimate MK 3 games, in addition to the Mugen MK Project (by Borg117’s edit).

Powered in Mugen, this game uses the season 2.9 by Borg117 as base and material of the MKP 4.1 by MKP Team.

The characters were created by the mugen community of MK which received various alterations to be mounted in this game.

Stages already created by the mugen community were altered to be mounted in the game, also original scenarios were created using fan-arts, free green screen animations and sprites from other scenarios.

The soundtrack is a set of music free of copyright with their licenses respected or permits granted.
Hitsounds was taken from MKX.

This is just a fan game powered in mugen made for non-commercial use only.

By default the basic movement controls in the PC are:

Right————— ( ► )
Left—————– ( ◄ )
Jump————— ( ▲ )
Crouching——— ( ▼ )

Low punch ( LP )———–( F )
Low kick ( LK )————-( A )
Running ( RN ) ————( V )
High punch ( HP ) ——– ( D )
High kick ( HK )———– ( S )
Defense ( BL )————( E )

The game controls can be modified in the “Options / Input Config (F1)” menu.

Here´s gameplay video by MKA



Website official

Acess to download (win.)


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