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Gameplay and download on the website of the game Mortal Kombat Defenders of the Earth (by Daniloabella), Made based of checking engine M.U.G.E.N, in good old Beat´em up style.

This new version (see 3.3.7) was released on June 1, 2018, with several bug fixes, as well as optimization of the game files to stay lighter and boot faster. Mortal Kombat Defender Earth was based on the official games MK, MK II and Ultimate MK 3, in addition to Mugen MK Project (by Borg117’s edit).

————— [COMMANDS] —————
Commands to play on the keyboard on the PC, however, you can also configure a USB control in the game options.

Right / Right → (►)
Left / Left → (◄)
Jump / Jump → (▲)
Lower / Crouching → (▼)
Low punch (LP) → (F)
Low kick (LK) → (A)
Running / Running (RN) → (V)
High Punch (HP) → (D)
High kick (HK) → (S)
Defender / Defense (BL) → (E)

—————[ NEWS ]—————
Unlike version 3.2, this new version works on the
season 2.9, which is a powerful engine created by Borg117 to
Mortal Kombat games in Mugen, which provides a better leveling in the difficulty of the game, better response times of the characters.

Five new characters have been added and 19 characters have been modified. Now the game has a total of 49 characters and an option for Random Select.

The new chars are: Sub-Zero 1st (with mask), Cyber ​​Sub-Zero, Smoke (Cyber), Triborg and Hotaru.

Completely changed Chars: Sub-Zero (unmasked), Scorpion, Reptile, Tremor, Ermac, Rain, Hydro and Shao Kahn.

Chars with partially altered graphics: Noob-Saibot, Sektor, Cyrax, Raiden, Kenshi, Stryker, Sonya, Frost, Sindel, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung.

One of the strong points of this new version are the scenarios in HD, with a total of 23 stages. Five new scenarios have been added and another six have been completely redesigned.

New stages: Temple, Ruin City, Persecution, Sunset Memorial and The Portal.

Stages redesigned: Lin Kuei Temple, Netherrealm (before scorpion’s lair), The Dead Pool, Warrior Shrine, Goro’s Lair and Throne.

Changes were also made to rain
as well as changes in brightness in the stages “The
Kove “and” Cementery “.

New SFX effects have been added to the heads’ collision and walk. In addition, new environmental effects were added for some phases, intros in single and simul mode for arcade mode, new voice for Shao Kahn, among others.

Here´s gameplay video by Ruivo ™

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