Mr. Ghost (MSX) – English Patch Download

Mr. Ghost

Yuureikun or Mr. Ghost is an Action game, developed and published by System Sacom, which was released in Japan in 1988.

Mr. Ghost, who has been suddenly turned into a ghost, is in a big panic. It’s even more terrible because he has completely no memory of before that. “There are spirits referred to as little droplets, but these comrads are imprisoned in hell. Please help them.” The story grows increasingly complex because the question is who or what said that? “I’ll probably have my hands full just with my own issues… But probably I will understand some more when I meet Great King Enma”, Mr. Ghost thought while setting off to hell together with the little droplet.

Here´s gameplay video by VampierMSX

You need the IPS or BPS program. Please see the tab applications if available.

You need the original ROM to patch “ Yuureikun 幽霊君”

Recommended Emulator for MSX

Acess to download

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