MUGENGERS 4 – The Orochi’s Origin – Mugen / IKEMEN Download

MUGENGERS 4 – The Orochi’s Origin is a 2d retro beat´em up gameplay and download on the website of the game  by Strong FS – MUGEN Studio      Made based of checking engine IKEMEN, in good old Beat´em up style. This game brings:

New Interface and Game Modes:
– Animated Portraits
– Scenario and Music Selector Menu
– Video Player for Cinematics
– Online Mode, Gallery Mode and Character Biography
– Story Mode with Beat Em Up Scenarios and Special Events
– Arcade mode with cinematics
– Boss Rush Mode and Minigames

Combat systems:
– Tag Team Combat System up to 3 Characters
– Stylish System mode for Novice players
– Attack Booster (A Combination between MAX Mode and HD Mode)
– Defense Booster
-Tag Assist

New and Redesigned Characters and Stages:
– Leona Heidern XIV / XV
-Krohnen McDougall
-Rose Bernstein
– Schlussel (Remake)
– Diana Neko (Remake)
– Climax of KOF XV adapted to this version
– Many Updated Characters
– Original 3D Scenery
– Redesigned Classic KOF stages with 3D effect



Acess to Mugen / IKEMEN Download – MUGENGERS 4 – The Orochi’s Origin

Note – You will go to the official (youtube) of creator channel page where the comments have access to the download servers.

Available on – win.

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