Neon Lightning Force – Openbor Download

Gameplay and download on the website of the game Neon Lightning Force (by True Role Dreams), made based on the OpenBOR engine, in good old Beat ’em up style.

The year is 2044. After the events of World War I, the United States and the European Union no longer exist, were completely devastated by the nuclear invasion. The vacuum of power in North America gave rise to the “Union of the Pacific”, with Neopolis as the capital in South America.

While the world is still at peace, Neopolis police still fight crime in the city, even as they are getting more violent by the day.

They send the special agent, Isolde Shinwara, to investigate those cases that found traces of Drako, a drug that makes the person stronger and more aggressive. During the journey, Isolde will find that this will lead to a much more dangerous and corrupt path originally conceived …

Acess to download (win & android)

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