Phantasy Star Complete Collection (PS2) – English Patch Download

Phantasy Star Complete Collection

This game is a compilation containing most of the games in the Phantasy Star series. The games are emulated, though there are handful of extra options to “improve” many of them, such as the ability to speed up the walking speed of the original Phantasy Star.

This games has (include both Japan/English version).

-Phatasy Star

-Phatasy Star II

-Phatasy Star III

-Phatasy Star IV

Japan only

-Phatasy Star II Text Adventure

Here´s gameplay video by Kenshin1913

Recommended Emulator for PS2

Note – All game default language set in japonese, you can change it to english language in option for PS1-4 (look a video above)

How to change language option:

When in game (press select) the menu will appear like in picture bellow and change to:

-in PS1 change system sega mark III master system

-in PS2, 3, and 4 change system from MegaDrive to Genesis

Acess to download

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