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Project Argo – Steam Game for Free

by Strider
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Project Argo is competitive online multiplayer first person shooter set in the near future where two teams of mercenaries compete over objectives on the battlefield. It’s an experimental total conversion game of Arma 3.

Here´s gameplay video by k3nst3

How to get the game in the steam library?

1. Enter Bohemia Interactive [store.bistudio.com]

2. When entering the site will appear in the right corner “BUY PROJECT ARGO (PROTOTYPE)” and Logo below “FREE”.

3. Clicking on “FREE” you will be redirected to a page for you to register or login with the Steam Account.

4. Right after you log in you will go back to the home page, then click “FREE” again and the game will go to your “shopping cart”.

5. Click on Owned and then click on “Login to Steam to redeem this game”. You will again have to log in with your Steam to be able to add the game to your Steam Account.

6. Finally click “Order detail” and then “Redeem on Steam”.

There, your game is already in your library.

Acess to game

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