Shrine II – Mod Download


Shrine II is a total conversion mod for Doom 2 game. Tusk is back, and his rage won’t be quelled! Journey through five dimensions to find the source of the corruption in this 32 level total conversion for doom 2! Including: -Over 20 unique Demons to slay -Boss Battles Galore -Over 20 unique weapons -32 levels -Tons of secrets and replayability.


Here´s gameplay video by ICARUSLIV3S


Acess to mod download on moddb (win.)


  1. Obtain a Doom 2.WAD (you can buy on steam) file and GZDoom program.
  2. Download patch/mod/hack listed (Shrine II)
  3. All files (doom 2, gzdoom and file (mod). They have to be in one folder only.
  4. As soon as you extract all files. You take the press on the file (mod) to drag it to Gzdoom.exe. It will open an application where you ask to choose. You choose the mod. and that’s it, enjoy the game.

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