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Spycon (W10) – Game for Free

by Strider
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Spycon is a style tycoon game about spies and secrets, but sssh! You are the boss of a secret organization and you have to protect your country. Hire, train and take care of your employees (secret agents) and send them on various dangerous missions (being undercover, rescuing important people, destroying terrorist cells, retrieving stolen information, helping famous people, etc). You can buy equipment for your base from the super-secret spy eshop. Your secret base features for example a shooting range, a gym, an infirmary, a big office and many other things. You have to increase your super-secret factor (SSF) to gain more prestige and money (which is essential to run your spy organization).

You’ll find all instructions on the following page. Please read carefully!

Note – Need to login in or register in windows store (attention the game only in windows 10)

Acess to game for free

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