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If you’re a game developer and want to submit your game that’s currently in development, as in it’s in a prototype stage, alpha, beta, full game, mugen or anything in between, and want gamers to download it or sign-up for your upcoming test, then we’d love to have a look at it. Fill out the form below and submit your game!

Keep in mind that we’ll only cover games in-development or completed that must be publicly available to download, free. Meaning anyone can go download the game for free to play it.

We are very busy, so you might not always get a reply from us, but every submission gets read and added to the list of possible games for us to cover.  If you have any YouTube footage of the game and images, it would be much appreciated if you could include that in the e-mail. All the games submitted are added to a list of possible games that we can cover, then our writers are allowed to freely pick which ones interest them the most.

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You can send details of any game to geral(at) with the following fields:

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Remember that we can answer on the maximum a week.