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Super Metroid: So Little Garden (SNES) – Hack Download

by Strider
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Super Metroid: So Little Garden is a mini hack set in a metallic world amid vegetation. This hack is MetroidMst’s entry into the contest, and features many changes to the game, including new bosses and weapon uses. It is compact, as it had to fit under the room limit.


Here´s gameplay video by eternisedDragon7


Acess to download


  1. Obtain a U.S. Rom file of Super Metroid: So Little Garden, Emulator SNES and Lunar IPS program.
  2. Download patch listed (Super Metroid: So Little Garden)
  3. You need to run the Lunar IPS program to add the hack to the Super Metroid (Japan, USA) ROM, then run it in the Emulator.

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