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Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition (Nes) – Hack Download

by Strider
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Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition. Release 1.0 – 05 Sept 2016. A hack by Nesrocks. New soundtrack by FCandChill. Pitfall II arrangements by rockman_x_2002.

This hack was created in celebration to 30 years of Super Pitfall. It vastly improves the original game while keeping the base game and level layout intact. The idea was to modernize, fix and beautify the original game because the author felt like the game’s problems kept it from getting justice.

Please continue with the following description in romhacking

You need the IPS or BPS program. Please see the tab applications if available.

You need the original ROM to patch “Super Pitfall (USA)”

Recommended Emulator for NES


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