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The Misfits – Sign-up Alpha

by Strider
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The Misfits is a stylized third person arena shooter game with one thing in mind…Kill or be Killed. Take advantage of cover, weapon pickups and communication to destroy the opposing team.

Have you ever had a debt too big to pay? This group of extraordinary individuals have one unique factor that unites them. That is to be free from a sinister mob boss who purchased all the debt owed by these individuals and their degenerate family members. To pay off their debts, this crew must take down all opposing gangs throughout the city and build up his territory. Once these Misfits figure out that they can never get out of debt, the only solution is to overthrow the boss and take down his reign. Only by working together as a team, can this become a reality.

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Sign-up for beta:

To sign up for the misfits Alpha, join the official Discord group, then enter the #welcome-new-players channel and request an Alpha key. Official test times are at Wednesday 3:00PM PST and Sunday 7:00PM PST but you can play anytime as long as someone is online.

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