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Thea Realm Fighters (AJ) – Canceled & Unseen Download

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Thea Realm Fighters was an Atari Jaguar game scheduled for Q3 1995 release. This fighting game by High Voltage Software was one of the Mortal Kombat rip offs developed in response to Mortal Kombat popularity. Even though the game was never released, several people have played the working demo of the game at some point and images and video of several builds have been posted online. There are no known copies available publicly and the game has not been emulated.

Thea Realm Fighters was a fighting game developed on the heels of the popularity of the first two Mortal Kombat games. Like some other examples of games built to compete with Mortal Kombat (most notably Tattoo Assassins) it was canceled before its release. The shrinking market for the Atari Jaguar games potentially contributed to this decision, as suggested by one of the developers. Created by High Voltage Software, the game featured digitized characters, some of them portrayed by martial artists known from the Mortal Kombat games. The plot itself was strikingly similar with the final boss, SurRaider, attempting to conquer the planet and add Earth to his vast empire. (Source)

You need Emulator for Atari Jaguar

Acess to download

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