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Time Gal (AmigaCD32) – Homebrew Download

by Strider
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Something a little different from us! The second release in the ReImagine series of ports and hacks is the never before on Amiga LaserDisc classic Time Gal, ported from the arcade original in it’s entirety.

  • All Sixteen levels from the original game, along with “mirrored” versions of each level and all of the death animations (including those that were censored on the Mega CD port!)
  • Six difficulty levels from Easy to Insane. Including a special “Anime Mode” for a more relaxed, cinematic experience.
  • Five different static ending screens to discover.
System requirements:
  • Kickstart 2.0
  • 1MB Chipram (2MB Strongly recommended)
  • 68020 Processor
  • 500MB Hard Disk space OR
  • 2X CD-ROM Drive

Here´s gameplay video by italiandoh

Acess to download

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