Trinium Wars – Dlc for Free

Trinium Wars is a post-apocalyptic Sci Fi MMORPG set in the remains of Earth after World War III. Join either Humanity, which fled after the nuclear warfare but now re-conquers their home, or the Narc, an ancient alien race desperately seeking a new planet that holds their most precious resource: Trinium.

The keys contain the full game as well as 1000 cash currency and the following items:
● 200x Beginner Powerpack (Increase HP, speed)
● 50 HP 2400 Recovery Ampule
● 25% Experience Bonus (7 days)
● Ring of Queen Rose : HP+62
● 1x Auto Looting Service (7days)
● 1x Item Drop Rate Bonus (7days)
● Inventory upgrade 4 slots
● Warehouse upgrade 5 slots

You’ll find all instructions on the following page. Please read carefully!

Acess to dlc

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