Vigilantes – Alpha Download

Inspired by the classic turn based strategies of the 90s, Vigilantes is a compelling, crime themed, turn based tactical RPG with an old school heart. Assume the role of Sam Contino, an idealist dragged down the rabbit hole of vigilantism after intervening in a violent mugging. In Sam’s crusade against crime in the declining city of Reiker, you will:

  • Lead a team of Vigilantes in tense, turn based tactical combat against 3 distinct gangs.
  • Take down criminals with bone shattering melee attacks, a variety of firearms, and explosives.
  • Run surveillance operations to locate the criminal threat.
  • Develop your character with the in-depth UPLIFT system.
  • Locate and recruit other vigilantes operating in Reiker City.
  • Purchase or liberate a wide variety of weapons and equipment.
  • Craft special items, such as high damage, hotloaded ammo, armour, and advanced medical items.
  • Experience a compelling story, supported by quality artwork and voice acting.

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