Wolfenstein 3DGE – Mod Download

A faithful reinterpretation of the classic Wolfenstein 3D, designed for and requiring latest version of (Hyper) 3DGE and a DOOM/Freedoom IWAD. Features all six episodes of Wolf3D (Original & Nocturnal) plus Spear of Destiny and the First/Second Encounter (console port levels), bringing the total number of playable levels to 111! Features hi-res walls and sprites and awesome remastered soundtrack along with many enhancements, improvements and increased interactivity.

Note –┬áTaking advantage of the newly supported archive format (EPK aka ZIP aka PK3) plus a ton of fixes, improvements and cosmetic changes. Requires latest version of the Hyper 3DGE engine. Enjoy!

Acess to download (win.)

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